About Us

 Tablets n Capsules (TnC) India’s one of the most trusted upcoming young retail heath care chain. TnC not only providing High-Quality Medicines at ‘Real and Affordable’ price with their molecule names and not by the brand name. Patients have the power to choose the right medicine and make a smart choice At the same time TnC aimed to provide serve beyond selling of medicines. TnC offers various value added wellness products sourced from different parts of the world.

Product Range

 Medicines ranging from Allopathic, Ayurveda ,Unani or Herbal & Nutraceuticals, OTC or Consumables and Cosmetics as well as Surgical Items & Medical Devices that comprise of Geriatric Care, Dermatological, CVS & Dyslipidemia, Respiratory, Ophthalmic, Hormones Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT), Antiepileptic, CNS, Urological, Anti-diabetics, Antipyretics, Gynecology and Sedatives / Hypnotics. Other medication includes Antibiotics, Cough & Cold Preparations, Pediatric medicines, Anti-Hypertensive, Pain Management medication, Pre & Probiotics, Anti-amoebic etc.

Our Retail Models

 Daily Step in: - A usual Pharmacy store selling Generic medicine,

 Doctor In: - Would have a Doctor in the store, enabling a holistic approach to Patients.

 Smart Mart: - large out let would have a range of OTC/ FMCG/ Surgical/ Equipment’s/Path Lab & Diagnostic/ Doctor In/ optometric/ Ayurveda along with Generic medicines as well.

 My Village:- Community level Stores, initially with selected pockets, having, General Pharmacy with Vet- medicines also.

 Last mile services:- A doctor in Pharma on wheel.